Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Top Ten Secrets to Social Network Superstardom by PAUL CHANEY

When I started this Blog, my purpose was to create a forum of exchange for women in business to discuss our challenges and find innovative solutions that are consistent with our purpose. But being new to the world of Blogging, I started to read about how to create one, what is the Blogging etiquette, what are the essentials of a good Blog. In the process, I have discovered how important Blogging and other social networks are becoming in marketing your business. But again, using Blogging only to market your business will backfire, if you do not have meaningful content. So keep your Blogging focus on sharing your expertise and building community with other like minded people, including your customers and competitors/colleagues. Let good marketing be the outcome of your Blogging and not the purpose for your Blog.

This is one article that I found to be very informative, especially for people just starting out, and also consistent with the idea of authentic participation. The humorous writing style makes for an easy read.

Just to give you an idea of the content I have included the titles for the ten points he discusses.

Top Ten Secrets to Social Network Superstardom by PAUL CHANEY

1. Pull, don’t push
2. Win the right to be heard
3. Content is STILL king, but conversation is queen (and conversion is the prince)
4. Authenticity and Transparency are social networking cornerstones
5. You don’t have to be on every social network
6. Give and you shall receive
7. The rules of marketing still apply
8. Social media is a mindset, not just toolset
9. Be yourself, whoever that may be
10. That's where you come in

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